refurbished and relaunched

My website is once again available. I refreshed the look and function of the site, and re-ordered the content. In addition, I have added some new material, in particular a page on Mastering Living where you can find portions of my book-in-process Ordinary Magic: Mastering the Art of Living.

Check it out! Feedback is always welcome.


3 thoughts on “ refurbished and relaunched

  1. This is a wonderful post with a clear explanation of how much we are in charge of our lives. I like the notion of recognizing the real and the true and the notion of what is possible to be real for us.

  2. Hello Tony, Wow! Your revamped web site is really nice & more importantly, really helpful in gathering a view of what you are & have been doing, lo these many years . . . I have been bouncing around in it, Tigger-like, enjoying & being fascinated . . . Makes one wish one was young & could begin “the world” again . . . Blessings on thee, old friend, Craig =================

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