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Aftermath: Living in a Radically Changed World

Peter Ossorio put it succinctly and exactly: “A person takes the world to be as he has found it to be.”

But sometimes, suddenly and without warning, we find the world to be radically different than we had previously found it. Something happens that had been  unthinkable to us – the events in Newtown, an economic collapse that wipes out our hard-earned wealth, the events of 9/11 – and we find ourselves living in an unknown world. What now? What do we do when the unthinkable becomes possible, or even real? Continue reading Aftermath: Living in a Radically Changed World


Nasrudin Learns About Peace and Love

Nasrudin decided to attend a weekend workshop on spiritual matters – and he really got it! As he walked away from the workshop, Nasrudin saw that the entire world was filled with peace and love. He looked at the blue sky and the trees with the breeze gently rippling the leaves, and it was all peace and love. As he walked through the streets he saw the children playing and the cats sunning themselves and the dogs barking, and it was all peace and love, and then a dog ran up to Nasrudin and bit him.

Nasrudin was outraged. He ran back to the workshop teacher and said: “You told me the world was all peace and love, but that dog bit me! What’s that all about?” Continue reading Nasrudin Learns About Peace and Love

Nasrudin Shoots an Arrow

Nasrudin decided to try his hand at archery. He fit an arrow to the bow, aimed at a nearby tree, pulled back the bowstring and let fly. The arrow flew straight past the tree and stuck in Nasrudin’s shirt, which was hanging on the line to dry.

Nasrudin let out a great shriek and sank to his knees, wailing. His wife rushed from the house to find out what was the matter.

Nasrudin pointed in horror at the arrow sticking out of the shirt. His wife looked at the shirt, pulled out the arrow and said: “Nasrudin! What’s wrong with you? It’s an old shirt, it’s only a small tear, I can mend it – what’s the big deal?” Continue reading Nasrudin Shoots an Arrow